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Build your comprehensive
care team

It may be helpful to manage your UC with
a 360-degree, patient-centered approach.

Ulcerative colitis can impact various parts of your life beyond just your colon. That’s why your
approach to managing it needs to be individual to you and what your needs are. It’s important to not
only work with your doctor, but to surround yourself with a team of healthcare experts who can
address the different ways that UC affects your life.

Sometimes referred to as a multi-disciplinary care team, your comprehensive care team can help you get the right treatment and support depending on how your UC may be affecting you physically,
emotionally, and mentally.

Getting more help from more places

Possible members of your team.

When you begin looking into who should be on your team, you should look into specialists who
can not only help you manage symptoms, but those who can also help care for your overall
physical well-being.

Your comprehensive care team may include the following healthcare professionals:



Your gastroenterologist, or GI, is a specialist who focuses on and
manages disorders and diseases of the digestive tract. As your principal
provider, he or she will most likely be responsible for making the
diagnosis and coordinating the proper treatment for your UC.


IBD nurse

Your inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) nurse is an important member of
your care team, as they will handle a lot of your day-to-day management
plan questions. Your IBD nurse can be a great resource for you to help find
information and support.


Registered dietitian

A registered dietitian can help tailor a well-balanced diet. They understand
that UC affects everyone differently and can guide you in making choices
that support good nutrition.



For many people, UC can be just as emotionally challenging as it is
physically challenging. A licensed therapist is a great resource who may
be able to help manage the psychological impact of such a difficult
disease. For this reason, having someone on your team who is able to
address those issues is important.

Primary care physician

Primary care physician

Your primary care physician provides general medical care and also refers
to specialists, such as a gastroenterologist, when needed. It’s important
to note some healthcare plans require people to see their primary care
physician before they see a specialist.

Physician assistant

Physician assistant or nurse practitioner

Physician assistants or nurse practitioners usually work collaboratively
with your primary care physician or with your gastroenterologist. They
may facilitate communication between you and your care team and can
educate you about your disease, treatment plan, and self-management of
your UC.

Start building your
comprehensive care team today

Where should you start?

It’s important to note that not all the members mentioned above may be available within the same
office or medical group as your gastroenterologist. That’s why it’s important to talk to your GI about
which members will be most important for the overall health goals you want to achieve.

You can also search for a medical center in your community that focuses on IBD management. At
the local and regional levels, these centers, sometimes referred to as IBD Centers of Excellence,
could help you get in touch with healthcare providers in your area and provide you with additional
support resources.


Did you know?

28% of UC patients who were surveyed in the U.S. were not aware that UC may be associated with other conditions outside the colon.

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