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Get involved and start #TalkingUC

Our UC experiences unite us.
Let’s create a community!

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Raise your voice

Join others and pledge to speak up about UC.

Stand with the millions of people impacted by UC around the world.

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I have UC
I support
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People have raised their voices.


My pledge.

I will speak up about my UC.
I will talk with my friends and family.
I will know my rights as a patient, and I will go into
more depth and breadth with my gastroenterologist.
I will strive to achieve my goals.
I will seek to live the fullest life possible with my UC.

Take the pledge.

I will speak up about UC.
I will talk with my friends and family suffering with UC.
I will understand their rights as a patient and be a strong advocate.
I will champion their achievements and goals.
I will help them live the fullest life possible with UC.